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EVERSPACE 2 Provides Kickstarter Update, Early Access Features, New Star System

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Steven Weber Posted:
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ROCKFISH Games has updated their successful Kickstarter page with a bunch of news detailing their progress on EVERSPACE 2. In the update ROCKFISH outlines their successes from several streams, as well as some highlights and improvements from the alpha build.

EVERSPACE 2 is an action-RPG space shooter that was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in November of 2019. ROCKFISH Games has continuously updated their Kickstarter page of their progress over the years, and in the most recent update, they’ve provided a lot of information regarding the strides they’ve made during their alpha release, and the feedback they’ve received from fans and critics alike.

In the alpha trailer, gamers that are interested in fast-paced flight battles will be happy to see the fast-paced action EVERSPACE 2 provides:

The improvements to the game are listed as:

  • Lateral Thrusters - The arcade-y flight physics featuring inertia dampeners are a core pillar of the EVERSPACE franchise. However, quite a few pilots have been criticizing a lack of immersion even though they understand that EVERSPACE 2 is not meant to be a classic space flight sim. To fix this, we not only allow die-hard space sim enthusiasts to disable inertia dampeners, we even implemented a visual effect for lateral thrusters on all player ships.
  • Display Options - Having additional Display Options was probably the biggest wish from test pilots, so we prioritized quite a bunch of features that we had on our list anyway. Of course, we are not only working on topics that were brought up by the community. We also constantly re-evaluate our own design decisions and try out new things. For instance, we felt that the game menu, the Ship Dealer screen, as well as the perk system could be more streamlined so we made some further UI/UX changes:
  • Main Menu Navigation - Based on internal feedback, we redesigned the navigation and usability of the different tab menus. You can now navigate within a screen using specific keys, which is much faster than using WASD to emulate arrow key navigation or clicking on buttons. Due to this significant change, the root button navigation and its home screen no longer exist, and you are right at the hangar when docked. Another advantage of the new design is that you can now launch into space without having to make the detour via the home menu.
  • Tracking Perk Resources - Another community request and something that has been on our list is the possibility to track investment requirements of any perk at the touch of a button: You can now have a small tracking icon for items in your inventory, so you can see which resources can be used to upgrade selected perks and by what degree such requirements are met.
  • Introducing Star System 02 aka Union - While we are working on bringing all Alpha content and features to Beta level, we have also been busy creating new content for Union, the second star system in EVERSPACE 2. As some of you know from our weekly streams, Ceto serves to introduce pilots to the basic gameplay mechanics and set the tone for the story campaign. It already offers quite some freedom of how to progress through the first ten or so hours of the game, but Union is where the game world of EVERSPACE 2 really opens up.

EVERSPACE 2’s closed alpha began June 15th, and continues with the obvious intent of keeping the community engaged and taking on the constructive criticism of the players as they aim to build the game they envisions when they began their Kickstarter campaign. Check out our hands-on impressions from when we got to test it at PAX South earlier this year.


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