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Everspace 2 Early Access Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Star Systems, Player Ships, Companions, and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Early Access roadmap for Everspace 2 has revealed a bunch of new information on star systems, player ships, and much more.

In April, you can expect to see a continuation of the story with a bunch of new missions introduced to the mix. New fighters will be added like the light fighter vanguard, and heavy fighter bomber. Look for a new companion, overhauled game balancing, new main and side missions, new activities, mini missions, and challenges.

In the summer, get ready for a new system, Zharkov. This will bring about new enemy types, new creatures, and natural phenomena. You’ll also see a new companion, increased level cap, new main and side missions, in addition to new activities, mini missions, and challenges.

Fall brings a treasure hunt with Khait Nebula: Stranger Skies bringing about the Khait Nebula system. You’ll get new fighter subclasses, new main and side missions, new companion, fast travel, increased player cap, and new activities, mini missions, and challenges.


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