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EVERSPACE 2 Early Access Begins January 18th

Pew Pew in EVERSPACE 2 This Month!

Steven Weber Posted:
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EVERSPACE 2 is headed into early access this month, and will be available on both Steam and GOG. The early access version will be available January 18th, 2021 and can be played on PC, Mac and Linux.

EVERSPACE 2 isn’t finished yet, but those who opt to pay the $39.99 for the early access version will get 12+ hours of an English-voiced story campaign, the ability to explore the first two star systems in the game, and roughly 25 total hours of gameplay.

The single-player space-looter is planned to launch with mining, puzzles, trading, ship subclasses, crafting, customization and plenty more. Co-Founder and CEO of Rockfish, Michael Schade, had this to say about early access:

“After multiple rounds of community testing by some 2,000 players, and great feedback from various gaming outlets and content creators on the closed Beta, EVERSPACE 2 is ready for Early Access. We can’t wait to receive feedback on the initial release version from space game enthusiasts on Steam and GOG. Of course, the game is far from being finished. On top of the two-star systems EVERSPACE 2 pilots will be able to explore in Early Access at launch, we plan to have four to six more as well as several additional player ship subclasses beyond the Interceptor, Sentinel, Striker, Gunship, and Scout at launch, to be gradually added on a quarterly basis. In the final game, players will also be able to enjoy twice as much story content plus lots of worthwhile endgame activities. We look forward to working closely with our community over the course of the next 12 to 18 months to make an outstanding narrative-driven open-world space looter shooter.”

Rockfish Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Schade

Unsure on whether you’ll want to hop into EVERSPACE 2? You can check out the demo on Steam now, and read about our previous hands-on impressions from PAX.


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