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EverQuest's Stone Cold Summer Event is Back

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Stone Cold Summer is back in EverQuest through September 1, giving you plenty of time to jump in and check out the event.

During Stone Cold Summer, you’ll have plenty of chances to earn various achievements, Ancient rewards, and more. To begin the event, head over to Misty Thicket and look for Arima and Helagan. However, keep in mind these quests are all on 6-hour lockouts. You can learn more details about Stone Cold Summer here.

As a quick reminder, Living Legacy raids are currently back in EverQuest. However, you have until the end of this month to participate. You’ll be tasked with helping the Ak’Anon Strike Force in defeating Meldrath. You have until August 31 at 11:59p PDT to do so. If you’re still game, head over to Whizzlebang Twempt in Steamfont Mounts to kick off the raid.

Earlier this year, EverQuest received two progression servers called Mischief and Thornblade. These servers were put in place to relive the old glory days of EverQuest,

“Mischief will be a new way to experience EverQuest as it grew over time, starting during the earlier eras of the game and adding our own twist (inspired by that deviously, fun-loving God of Tricks). The Mischief Random Loot Progression Server will begin with access to the original zones that were available at launch and will gradually add expansions first Classic will run a month, and then subsequent expansions will be opened in a specified cadence later[.]"


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