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EverQuest's Night of Shadows Expansion is Coming December 6th

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It’s almost time for Night of Shadows, the next expansion for EverQuest. The team showed some of the gear you can get from the upcoming content along with a reminder that the release is getting ever closer.

Night of Shadows is launching on December 6th at 12 noon PST. This time, Norrath and Luclin are under threat. As these things often start, it seems that there’s an Imprisoned Great Spirit beginning to cause some trouble. When these rumors begin in an MMORPG expansion, well, adventure and lots of work to stop whatever is brewing are not far behind. 

In this case, it’s not without reason. In the official description of the setting and conflict, it lays out the stakes:

“With Shadow Haven in ruins, Shar Vhal in complete turmoil, and the recent earthquake that opened a pass in Firefall, things are looking dire and bleak. Everything is putting the entire world at risk, and the call for heroes and heroines to step up is imminent.”

Shar Vahl, the city of the feline Val Shir, is one of the new zones, located on the moon of Luclin. It’s important to note that it is divided, and there is danger lurking. The exploration seems to also have to do with the question of what happened to the animal spirits that were sent to Luclin, and how it all ties into everything that is currently going on.

Other new zones include Shadeweaver’s Tangle and Firefall Pass, both scarred lands with dangers inherent all around. Darklight Caverns, where you’ll find some spirits hiding, wiis included, along with the bioluminescent areas of Deepshade.

In addition to all of these new zones, there will be new raids and quests, new Tradeskill depot, and other features like new spells, combat abilities, items, collections, and missions. 

For more on the upcoming Night of Shadows expansion, head to EverQuest.


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