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EverQuest's In-Person Fippy Fest Schedule Revealed

Two days of real-life quests and encounters

Victoria Rose Posted:
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A schedule for EverQuest’s Fippy Fest has finally been released, detailing both days of in-person celebratory events for the MMORPG franchise’s quarter-centennial celebration. If you’re wondering what you’re most likely missing in San Diego for a $1500 ticket, we finally know. 

There was a bit of a hoo-haa over in-person ticket prices once announced, but it seems it’s to keep a limited, dedicated in-person audience and bus them around to neat San Diego locations, and the schedule seems to clarify this need. For those at home, Fippy Fest’s live streams will be entirely free to watch online for players, though if players want a few goodies, a “digital ticket” is up for grabs. 

As per the official schedule, the first day of events, “Dive into the Legacy,” seems to be the more intensive behind-the-scenes developer day. It kicks off with a breakfast with developers, leading into a session called “Celebrate the Milestones” with content previews and signing sessions. 

Afterwards, an “Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access” tour will include an “In-Person Quest,” a scavenger hunt with “hidden lore and secret messages,” culminating in a completion prize, followed by another developer meal. It appears transportation will be then given to the in-person studio tour—”including a viewing of the rare and iconic original Parkinson paintings, revealing the artistic history and evolution of our beloved game,” as the description explains. 

This day ends with “A Night to Remember,” a “fine dining” banquet with the developers “held at an iconic San Diego Venue.” Attendees will also be given “one-of-a-kind Year of Darkpaw Celebration memorabilia,” though we’re not sure what that exactly entails. 

Day two is called “The Legacy Continues,” and it seems more light-hearted than the first day, though maybe no less informative. The morning starts with another breakfast with developers, preparing attendees for the streamed events ahead. 

It kicks off with the “Introduction Show,” including "The Making of EverQuest & EverQuest II Expansions" and "The Art of EverQuest." In-game attendees will be invited to join a special event for prizes called “EverQuest Fashion. A developer lunch is followed by more livestreamed “Fireside Chat” sessions with developers more focused on the community aspects of the game and its general evolution, wrapping up with a Grand Closing. A more casual catered brewery event will follow. 

In short, it does seem like an action-packed two days for the players who opt into the luxury ticket price, the sales for which end May 22 (or April 21 for personalized swag). Those who won’t be able to attend will probably be able to tune in for the relevant Day 2 events, though there’s no fine dining nor developer breakfasts, of course. 

Beyond this event, Darkpaw promises a year of 25th anniversary in-game events, starting with its current series of quests, plus the release of time-progression servers


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