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EverQuests II's Heroes' Fest 2020 Celebrates the Game's Sweet 16

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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EverQuest II celebrates its 16th anniversary with Heroes’ Fest 2020 going on now through November 16.

If you want to take part, be sure to head over to Qeynos or Freeport. A bunch of activities are planned like defeating clothwork bosses, earning Mischeva’s Tribute, and spending your tokens on items. Speaking of items, there are 13 items available from the event merchant, including a new mount. Here are some other items:

  • Bottle of Zin Festival
  • Bottle of Celebration Blanc
  • A Relentless Iksar
  • Map of The Commonlands
  • Heroes' Regal Festival Canopy
  • Heroes' Grand Festival Canopy

Additionally, there are Mischeva’s Event items available including:

  • Peytral Barded Cavalry Palomino
  • Combine Might of Freeport
  • Combine Might of Gorowyn
  • Combine Devotion of Neriak
  • Combine Devotion of New Halas
  • Combine Prowess of Kelethin
  • Combine Insight of Qeynos

To take part on live servers, be sure you seek out Laral Spenler in Antonica for three new Overseer quests. You can also gain one new Overseer Agent. Quests include Winged Troubles - The Alivan Connection, Winged Troubles - Tracking Droag, and Winged Troubles - Scaleborn Sorcery. Check out the post for full details.


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