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EverQuest's Fippy Fest 2024: Next EverQuest Expanions Revealed During Fippy Fest

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EverQuest's Fippy Fest celebration is going on now, with a day full of livestreamed panels and more. Teased during Fippy Fest was new information about the future of EverQuest and EverQuest 2, namely the next expansions coming later this year.

The festival, which has been taking place across the weekend in San Diego, showcased some new information for EverQuest fans, from new cloth maps added to the EQ Swag Store to teases of the upcoming expansions. EverQuest is celebrating 25 years in operation this year and 28 years of live development, while EverQuest 2 is coming up on its 20th anniversary here soon.

For those looking for some concrete information on the upcoming content, studio lead Jen Chan revealed that EverQuest 2 players who are looking forward to the new origin server, Anashti Sul, will be going live on Wednesday, June 19th, at noon. According to Daybreak, Anashti Sul brings the game back to 2006, acting as a classic server, with stats, systems, and even the look of EQ2 hearkening back to its roots.

Coming up this year, players can look forward to the expansions for 2024, with EverQuest launching its 31st expansion later this year, while EQ2 is hitting its 21st. For EverQuest, the next expansion is called The Outer Brood, while EverQuest 2'will be called The Scars of Destruction

The Outer Brood will have something to do with Dragons, according to the developers. During a small tease on stream, the team showed off a dragon, which is confirmed to be the biggest NPC in the game. The team's inspiration behind the dragon teased in The Outer Brood was to create a species of dragon that was not Norrathian.

For Scars of Destruction, the team teased a bit about its prelude event coming in August. Players will be helping a small band of healers and adventurers and it has something to do with the scars of Velious. The developers are teasing a "very different Western Wastes" for players to explore.

Fippy Fest 2024 is a celebration of all things EverQuest, a series that set the tone for the entire genre since its initial release back in 1999. The MMO is the longest-running and longest-continually developed MMO on the market right now, with 28 years of active development. For the last 24 years, EverQuest has released a yearly expansion - sometimes two expansions in a single year - and this year makes no difference. Between the two games, 50 expansions have been released, with more on the horizon.

The MMO has seen over 9 million characters created in its lifetime, while the team shared some other stats on stage. Both games have quite the library of music, with EQ1 seeing over 400 pieces of music created, around 13 hours of playtime. EverQuest 2, for its part, has even more, with 700 pieces of music made for Norrath, over 15 hours of play for those who want to check them out start to finish.

Fippy Fest's live stream will be going on all day, with a very detailed schedule ahead for players, include an in-game hide and seek with the devs. You can check out the schedule here, and the stream in the embed below.


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