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EverQuest's Claws Of Veeshan Expansion Now Free For All Players

Raid Banner available as well for guilds

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EverQuest has added its Claws of Veeshan expansion to its roster of free expansions this week, as well as added new content for guilds in the form of raid banners.

Released back in December of 2020 (which feels like a decade ago now) bringing a ton of new content, raids, missions and more. Six new expansion zones were added to the MMO, the "lands dominated by the dragons of Velious." And for those MMORPG item hoarders (you know who you are), Claws of Veeshan introduced the Dragons' Hoarde, additional space to hold those items you might not need right now, but definitely will later.

EverQuest is also bringing a new way for guilds to be challenged with the new Raid Banner feature.

"You’re already familiar with the standard Guild Banner and its options, and today we’re introducing a new Raid Banner option for guilds. With it, you’ll become even more powerful and able to take on tougher encounters with a bit more ease and swiftness. Once you and your guildmates are assembled and the Superior Standard option is selected, plant it and see increases to various attributes and stats. "

The Raid Banners will be available on the live servers six months after an expansion launch, though the Progression servers (except Vaniki) will see them just a month after the expansion launch. Check ou tthe full site for more details on the feature.

EverQuest's last expansion, Night of Shadows, dropped last December, and Kanishka wrote about how it's "worldbuilding done right."


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