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EverQuest's 64-Bit Servers Are Launching On February 15th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EverQuest is moving into the 64-bit era finally as its servers and clients make the jump next week. Coming on February 15th, the move will allow Darkpaw's devs to open the tap on the amount of memory your client and the server can utilize. 

The move addresses one of the most common client crashes that EverQuest  players deal with, the "out of memory" issue. Through the upgrade, instead of only being able to acces up to 4GBs of memory, both on the server and client side, the team will be able to access up to 16 exabytes. 

The update it finally hitting EverQuest after being announced last November. Coming on February 15th, players will notice the servers going down around 6am PT and the update will last most of the day, about 8 hours. 

The move will deprecate 32-bit clients, meaning if you're still running on a system that might not be able to handle the new client upgrade, now is the time to check. The 64-bit version is running on the Test Server, allowing players to test their systems ahead of next week's launch. While Darkpaw states that the majority of their users are already prepared and running 64-bit operating systems, so there shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

You can check out the new system requirements on the official post from November to make sure that your system is up to snuff. Additionally, if you're looking forward to the future of EverQuest, Darkpaw put out its 2022 roadmap, complete with details on its 23rd Anniversary plans and more. Also, you can get jump into the Erollisi Day festivities now through the 16th of February to share the love in the MMO.


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