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Six State Treasurers Request Meeting With Activision Blizzard Over Allegations and Distrust in Leadership

Several state treasurers, which govern investments, are placing new pressure on Activision Blizzard to make changes over accusations the company faces over workplace issues, culture, and various harassment allegations. 

Star Stable Gets Into The Holiday Spirit With Latest Seasonal Update

Star Stable, the horse-themed MMO, is getting into the holiday spirit with a seasonal update bringing winter to Jorvik. The Winter Festival's update brings the holiday cheer to the world, turning the landscape into a winter wonderland.

ArcheAge Fresh Start Server Changes, New Bonuses Delayed or Scrapped Over Powerleveling Concerns

With ArcheAge opening tomorrow under the new Kakao Games publishing agreement, there has been growing concern in the community over the potential for powerleveling opportunities,  or even exploits. The company has announced several changes to plans for fresh start servers.

Stop the Cult of the Dragon in Neverwinter's Final Echoes of Prophecy Milestone

 Neverwinter is marking its third milestone of The Echoes of Prophecy  campaign Battle Pass, which debuts today across platforms. Conclude your journey to stop the Cult of the Dragon and save the day to earn some loot.

Elyon Update Adds Previously-Delayed Ignous the Pyro Raid and Special Boxes for New Characters

Elyon gets a new, previously delayed, 10-man raid in its latest update, which also brings some goodies for new characters to help them along, bug fixes, and some adjustments to skills.

Albion Online Yuletide Returns, With the Snow Husky Mount, Avatar Ring, and Festive Rewards

 It's December, and that means events and challenges across many an MMORPG. This time, Albion Online is marking this month with the winter return of the Yuletide Challenge. Collect points for some rewards and loot to celebrate.

EVE Online Gets a New Comics Limited Series, Capsuleer Chronicles, from Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics and CCP Games have teamed up for a new mini comics series based on EVE Online. The two companies originally partnered on an EVE Online collaboration back in 2015, and this new four-issue limited series, Capsuleer Chronicles, looks to tell some very human stories in the depths of New Eden.

Guild Wars 2 - New Guild Hall Revealed, New Character Customizations to Test Now in End of Dragons Beta

It's an eventful week for Guild Wars 2. In addition to the unveiling of a brand new Guild Hall for the expansion, the last beta is currently on with new customization options.

New World Update Prepares for Server Merges, Fixes More Bugs From November

The latest update for New World is focused on helping fix some of the issues from the November update, as well other bug fixes and even a change made in preparation for upcoming server merges.

Warframe Brings The New War Expansion to All Platforms on December 15th

Warframe's new expansion, The New War, will be out on Wednesday December 15th across all platforms. First announced at TennoCon 2018, the new update promises new quests, new worlds, and answers to some long-standing questions.

Blizzard's Jessica Gonzalez Resigns, Addresses Bobby Kotick for Refusing Accountability

Employees at Activision Blizzard are still standing their ground and demanding changes, including leadership changes and removal of CEO Bobby Kotick. Today, senior test analyst Jessica Gonzalez announced that she has resigned from Blizzard, citing Kotick and the rampant greater culture issues at the company.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Is Coming To Xbox GamePass Alongside Season 2 On December 14

Season 2 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite is coming for players with new cosmetics, weapons, a new game mode and even more. On top of that, GamePass members will be happy to know that the survival shooter is coming to Xbox GamePass on December 14th.

Final Fantasy XIV Optimized Servers Before Endwalker, but Warn that Expected Demand May Cause Congestion

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launches in a week, and given all the server congestion and trouble that Square Enix has seen for FFXIV this year, they have some warnings for players and some steps that they have already taken in order to ease the launch and beyond.

Mainframe Raises $22 Million for Development of Its Cloud-Native MMORPG

Mainframe Industries, which is developing a cloud-native MMORPG rumored to be published by Microsoft, has raised $22 million in investment funding.

Hit a New Level Cap, Enjoy New Beastforms, And Meet the Lemurs in the Wizard101 Lemuria Update

Wizard101's new update, Lemuria, is out and adds new quest content, and the lemur-filled world of Lemuria. The major update also raises the level cap, updates the quest journal, and adds new PvP updates and Beastmoon rewards