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EverQuest Will Offer Level 100 Heroic Characters For Sale Next Week, But No Free Characters At This Time

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Next week, EverQuest will be getting new level 100 Heroic characters for sale,  along with a number of bonuses and gear to help you on your journeys if you decide to start with a new level 100 Heroic character.

EverQuest introduced level 85 Heroic characters beginning in 2014, and those will remain available with the original set of bonuses at the current price. The new level 100 characters will come with a new set of bonuses, including 25,000 Platinum, a Selyrah mount, an extra mercenary slot, two 40-slot bags, spells, a full set of gear, and more. 

One significant difference this time versus when level 85 Heroic characters were released in 2014 is that this time, there will be no free characters given out right away. In fact, Darkpaw Games has put together a series of answers to frequently asked questions about this release. 

The top question is whether or not accounts would be getting a free character this time around, and the answer is “Not at the release of this feature”, which is not to say it will never happen, (they've given away level 85s a couple of times).  If you want one of these level 100 Heroic characters when they release next week on September 21st, be prepared to pay 4,000 DBC. You will also have to have the Torment of Velious expansion (which is free now). 

If you do buy one of the new level 100 Heroic characters, you’ll start out in Shard’s Landing, with access to all portals. Your gear and access to any class and choices of skills will make things easier to get started. Daybreak also promotes them as a way to catch up with friends that might have already been playing for a long time. This is one way to look at it, but for those who love their alts, this is another way to get one ready out of the gate to take on Norrath.

Read the announcement over at EverQuest.


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