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EverQuest Servers Open To All Till May 8

Plus sales

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, EverQuest servers are open to all until May 8.

The servers opened to everyone on April 10 and includes all TLP servers, excluding Lockjaw and Fippy due to their imminent merge. A sale is also underway including 10% off selected items and bundles. If you are an All Access Member, this discount will stack with your existing discount.

The 10% discount ill apply to Bottles of Adventure I, II, and III in addition to the largest bag bundle for each server type. The team notes that Mangler’s will be added in shortly with their sale beginning on April 15. This whole sale is set to last through April 24.

And finally, the EverQuest Celebration Pack and EverQuest Celebration Bundle will be reset. This means if you’ve already purchased but want to buy them again, you’ll have the opportunity to do so.


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