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EverQuest Server Merge Starts May 19

Set to conclude May 20 after maintenance

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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It looks like several servers for EverQuest are set to merge in May. Here are the details.

The merger is set to conclude on May 20 in which characters on the Lockjaw, Trakanon, Fippy, and Brekt servers will merge. Lockjaw will merge with Ragefire, Trakanaon will merge with Vox, Flippy will merge with Vox, and Brekt will merge with FV.

The mergers will include a 23 hour downtime starting on May 19 and concluding on May 20. To help alleviate questions, the team published a FAQ with some common questions. For example, guilds and their halls should not be affected in that they should remain intact after the merger has completed.

Additionally, there won’t be any free character transfers before the merge is set to happen. If you somehow have the same character name as someone else and they get to keep that name, you’ll receive one free rename for that character. You won’t have to go and buy a name change potion.

Here’s hoping everyone’s characters get merged smoothly. You can read the full update and FAQ here.



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