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EverQuest Scorched Sky Celebration Returns With New Quests, a New Mission, and Flame Themed Mysteries

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 It’s Scorched Sky Celebration time again in EverQuest. This year’s event features three new quests, a new mission, new Agents, and six new Overseer quests. The event runs from now through July 10th on all servers that have already reached the Dragons of Norrath expansion.

Scorched Sky is an annual event that celebrates the cleansing and tempering power of the flames by those followers of Fennin Ro and his son Solusek. You'll be able to test your skills against all sorts of flame themed creatures and complete quests for a variety of loot.There are three new quests this year, as well as returning repeatable quests and annual quests to give you some flame seeking adventures to do. Start by speaking with a Devotee of Flame.

You’ll be able to find Carlene Snizzlefriz and discover that the Devotees of Flame have been investigating issues that are changing the lava. She might need some help  to investigate what's going on, help protect the local wildlife, and potentially see if the new lava composition can be used to create pyrotechnics.

There is a new mission where you can find Keeper Lyne, who is trying to protect her lava snails. If you want to help her protect those snails and you are level 100+ you can help her out for a reward.

The Overseer quests this time around also let you help Carlene and Char the Brunt to solve a new mystery.

EverQuest was planning on merging servers this month but has moved back those merges by about a month. This event runs through July 10th, so you can go ahead and start the event on any server you’re on that is holding the celebration. Phinigel and Miragul will both merge with Vox on July 20th.

For the event announcement, head over to EverQuest.


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