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EverQuest Roadmap Update Details Server Merges, Events, and How the Next Expansion is Coming Along

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 The most recent EverQuest Producer’s Letter discusses completion of planned server merges, the arrival of the Death, Death, Death! event, some new unlocks for progression servers and a look ahead to fall, including beta testing for the next expansion.

Head of Studio Jenn Chan notes that the previously-delayed server merges of Phinigel and Miragul into Vox were successfully completed. The original process was set to take place in June, but it was pushed back about a month  for a smoother process and has been completed. The roadmap for July also includes new Overseer Achievements and reward improvements that are still coming.

Death, Death, Death! began on July 20th and will run through August 9th. This event is looking for everyone interested in showing off what they can do by challenging and defeating the most old world bosses they can. This will show all who can take down the most in the fastest time. There are a couple of weeks to hone your skills and put together the best party to see how many bosses you can take down.

Progression servers got some new unlocks this week and next week there will be more. Starting in September, TLP expansion unlocks will start happening on Thursdays in order to not conflict with regular patches on Wednesday and expansion launches that happen on Tuesdays. Also looking ahead to fall is Darkpaw’s participation with Extra Life 2022 to raise money for Children's Miracle Network.

Development on the next expansion is well underway end elements like environment, characters, and other additions are already completed. joining the Fall Road map is beta testing for the new expansion by October. And of course, Chan dropped a little bit of a hint. 

“Are you ready for adventure? We certainly hope you are; you never know what lurks beyond the shadows.”

Read the full letter for more details over at EverQuest.


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