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EverQuest Roadmap Reveals Tech Updates, 24th Anniversary, and Raids to Come

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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EverQuest II revealed a 2023 roadmap this week, and now the original EverQuest has an update on just what we can expect this year. 

Just like with the EverQuest II roadmap, Darkpaw Games is giving an overview that is sure to be updated throughout the year. Still, most of this should remain intact. We can expect seasonal and special events to return with some updates and new items. This month, the Night of Shadows expansion’s raids begin to unlock, with Insatiable An Appetite, Pit Fight, and Mean Streets to start. 

In February, we’ll see the return of Erollisi Day with some new content. Night of Shadow’s Tier 2 raids open up as well, meaning When One Door Closes, Myconis Mutany, and Dance of the Demiurge unlock.. March will open up the expansion’s Tier 3 raids - The Spirit Fades, The Shadows Move, and Under Siege.

All of these raid titles should give some hints before they’re fully unlocked and tide you over a bit. Also in March, EverQuest will celebrate its 24th anniversary next month. The big celebration will feature some new quests and a mission.

In April, the team plans to  start to roll out the launch of a new UI engine. Some of the game’s windows will be ported over to the new engine. We can expect more to make the transition over time. In May, expect a new Progression server and new content for the returning Tempest Festival. There will be a server merge in July as well as several returning events with new content added. 

In the fall, the big news will start to ramp up. In October, the team will unveil the 2023 expansion, open up the beta test and pre-orders. In December, the next expansion, the 30th expansion for EverQuest, will launch. 

Check out the full 2023 roadmap for EverQuest here.


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