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EverQuest Provides 2022 Roadmap in October Producers Letter

Steven Weber Posted:
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The year is heading into its final few months, but that doesn’t mean that EverQuest is putting the brakes on their updates. With a new expansion on the way there’s enough going on in EverQuest to bring you back for the rest of the 2022.

Earlier this year EverQuest introduced the heroic characters update, that allowed players to purchase new characters that start at level 100. The heroic characters also came with numerous benefits, including new set of bonuses, 25,000 Platinum, a Selyrah mount, an extra mercenary slot, two 40-slot bags, spells, a full set of gear. In October, players will be introduced to a new expansion known as Night of Shadows. The Producer’s letter didn’t give very many specifics on what players could expect with the new expansion, but they did tease that there will be “shadowy dangers” which one could expect from the title alone.

The expansion will begin beta on October 11th, and players will have the opportunity to test and provide feedback on the new expansion at that time. Not-so-coincidentally, October 11th will also be the day that pre-orders will be available for Night of Shadows. The expansion is set to launch in December of 2022, so get in there and help Darkpaw Games test thoroughly to ensure it’s the best it could possibly be!

The expansion isn’t the only thing revealed for October, as EverQuest players are aware, the Night of the Dead will be returning again this year. The yearly Halloween-themed event will bring some spooky events back to EverQuest, and according to the roadmap, this year will have some new content to enjoy. While we don’t have any specifics yet, we anticipate to hear a lot more about what’s new as the end of the month draws near. Are you excited for the next EverQuest expansion? Swing into the comments and let us know!


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