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EverQuest Progression Servers, Mischief And Thornblade, Launching Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Announced over a month ago, the two special progression servers for EverQuest launch today, bringing the classic EQ experience - with a few twists - to subscribers.

The two time-locked progression servers hit the MMO today and will let players relive the old days in EQ, with the expansions for the venerable MMO slated to launch gradually as the servers...erm...progress.

"Mischief will be a new way to experience EverQuest as it grew over time, starting during the earlier eras of the game and adding our own twist (inspired by that deviously, fun-loving God of Tricks). The Mischief Random Loot Progression Server will begin with access to the original zones that were available at launch and will gradually add expansions first Classic will run a month, and then subsequent expansions will be opened in a specified cadence later[.]"

However, while the classic EverQuest experience is there, it's not all like it was way back when the MMO first hit twenty-two years ago, as the progression servers will feature its own unique ruleset, such as random loot, which can see rare NPCs drop loot from other NPCs, as well as raids dropping loot from other raids.  Free trade is also enabled, meaning players can trade nearly everything acquired in-game.

Mischief isn't the only server opening, as Thornblade is also launching with the Mischief ruleset thanks to demand and to act as an overflow server. The team also notated its planned unlock cadence, with a months worth of Classic before the first expansion drops, and then every expansion dropping from there on a two to three month regular cadence. If you want to join in on the mischief, you'll need to be a subscriber to EverQuest in order to access the progression servers. However, the MMO still wants you in its game even after twenty-two years, and the progression server with wacky rules is definitely a way to rekindle interest.


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