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EverQuest Opens Final Three Night of Shadows Raids, Determining the Fate of Shar Vahl

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EverQuest has now opened the Tier 3 raids from the latest expansion, Night of Shadows. These are the final raids from the expansion to unlock, so expect some new challenges, places, and some new insight and  answers.

The three raids that are now available are Darklight Caverns – The Spirit Fades, Firefall Pass – The Shadows Move, and Shar Vahl – Under Siege. 

In the first, Darklight Caverns – The Spirit Fades, Grakaw has been freed. The great spirits have freed him, but they can’t even approach him. The effect of so many years of imprisonment, torture, and the push to be free again has made him unable to trust others. So now there is that concern, on top of another development. There’s still magic binding Grakaw, but this magic is strange. The spirits can’t see it or undo it. So this is where you come in. Since maybe requesting help from some skilled adventurers is the thing that might work.

The second raid,  Firefall Pass – The Shadows Move, is a little more traditional in the sense that there’s battle brewing. The Akheva, in the quest for power, are moving in to try and take Shar Vahl. The Vah Shir aren’t going to just stand for that though. But, their resources are few and their numbers are nowhere near that of the Akheva. So, they’ll strategically look to face them in the mountain pass, to create a narrower field. Because of their depleted resources and need for help, this will also be where you come in. 

Finally, Shar Vahl – Under Siege, the final raid, is the culmination of all of the above. Now is the test of whether the Akheva can make it into the city and conquer it. So this is the final challenge, and you’ll help the Vah Shir to try and keep them out.

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