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EverQuest Night of Shadows Expansion is Now Live, With New Quests, Raids, and Mysteries to Solve

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EverQuest’s latest expansion, Night of Shadows, is now live for all. This latest expansion lets you explore Norrath and Luclin, to investigate some linked mysterious happenings. while you do that, you can take on new missions, new raids, and of course, explore and get your hands on all new rewards. 

This time around, there have been rumors spreading and a new threat brewing. you’re going to be the key to solving the mysterious happenings at hand. With Shadow Haven in ruins, and its mysterious sealed door is found smashed open. Worst of all, the great spirit that was trapped in there is now gone.

Troubles are brewing, including from a  recent earthquake leaving an opening in Firefall that is letting spirits through to take advantage of the escape route, time is of the essence. Oh, and the animal spirits that had been sent to Luclin before? You’ll have to figure out what happened to them.

The Akheva are also still looking to conquer the moon too.

Naturally, if anything is going to get done around there, it’s you, and the expansion will let you explore and investigate in Norrath and Luclin. The Val Shir and their city, Shad Vahl, are also heavily involved. The city is in chaos and there’s conflict abound. 

The expansion features seven expansion zones to explore, find the spirits, and try to calm them. There are new missions, new raids, new abilities, and of course the types of story quests you’ll expect from an EverQuest expansion. 

Night of Shadows also features the new Tradeskill Component Depot, which is a feature that can be used like a shared bank across all characters on your account. You can store tradeskill items in bigger stacks and use them to craft anywhere you are.

For more details on this year’s big year-end expansion, Night of Shadows, head over to EverQuest.


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