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EverQuest is Celebrating its 23rd Anniversary With Brand New Content and Returning Favorites

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EverQuest is marking its 23rd anniversary, starting with an anniversary event beginning today and running through May 10th. There's a new mission, new quests, a brand new raid, and special achievements.  

One of the new quests, The Known Laws of Aviation, involves helping Giraga the troll, who has come to the sphinxes for answers on flying fish. A warrior told Giraga that she could be as strong as him when fish fly. Clearly, she needs to figure out the secret to flying fish but got a book of riddles to solve. Another new quest lets you enjoy the art around Norrath, since you’ll help Big Slick Jones, whose memory of a painting of crows playing poker has inspired him. Find other paintings around and let him know more about them.

Finally, a third new quest called Death finds a Way involves the cycles of life and death and time. Help Krastoraab, Acolyte of the Cycle, tell his story and get him help from some spirits that have passed. Krastoraab is also active in the new Mission, Beyond Espoir. He’ll send you out to meet disciples of the Cycle and to fight them. By doing so, there will be important lessons to learn and you’ll grab yourself some rewards.

The new raid, Mad Emperor, takes place in Karnor’s Castle. Something is up, judging from green lights and screams. So it’s up to you to figure it out and take on the challenge.

Of course there are a series of returning events to mark the EverQuest anniversary. If you are over level 100 you’ll be able to take on Sailor Twift’s Riveting Tales, or help Maitreya with a Fancy Feast. There are also returning quests for the under 100 characters too, with School Supplies, or even some Erollisi related quests to help spread some love.

So if you're looking to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of EverQuest and maybe eat some Platinum Anniversary cake, there is 17 years of anniversary content to explore.


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