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EverQuest Introduces the All New Tempest Festival

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EverQuest is bringing the first-ever Tempest Festival. The event begins today and runs through May 15th. 

As the first Tempest Festival, the offerings are a little more limited than some of the returning events that have additions every year, but there are definitely a series of quests  to complete for rewards. The official announcement describes the setting and event like this:

“The followers of Karana have taken to the streets to inaugurate the first annual Tempest Festival celebration. Rejoice with them and with your friends and family as we raise a flagon and cheer the founding of the Throne of Karana's Fury!”

So Karana’s followers will come together and celebrate all of his blessings with a festival filled with food, drink and a celebration of rain. Of course the rain is key to the harvest and you'll be able to participate by heading to the Plane of Knowledge. 

With a series of quest names like “Singing in the Reign” and “Here Comes the Rain”, you’ll be able to celebrate with some punny fun and get the opportunity to net yourself an Air Elemental Familiar pet illusion/familiar, along with other goodies to be discovered. 

With a brand new event arriving, the community is working together to discover its secrets and to help each other out in running it. The event was listed on the 2022 roadmap, and Darkpaw Games still has new community events up their sleeves, clearly. While similar to other smaller events, there’s an element of discovery when something is entirely new, and that is something in a game running for decades.

The EverQuest anniversary event is also still running into May. That event will be running through May 10th and so you can take your time and play through the Tempest Festival and swing over into Norrath past with some of the anniversary events.

For more, see the announcement at EverQuest.


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