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EverQuest II's Varsoon Time Locked Expansion Server Will Open on May 24th

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EverQuest II is preparing to open up its newest Time-Locked Expansion Server (TLE), Varsoon, next week on May 24th. The newest server will offer a fresh start to returning and even new players who want to experience some of EverQuest II’s  enduring content in a new way over time.

Varsoon will offer another take on the TLE, with the content rolling out over time, with an average of 16 weeks between expansions, with minor exceptions. The server is a members only option so you'll have to be current with an All-Access membership to access it, and continue with your membership in order to keep up with all the updates. New expansions will arrive and other content appropriate to those original expansions releases, will be added in between. This means associated items and adventure packs. 

The server is currently in beta testing, and players are able to see just how it works and get an idea of some of the changes that make the tle possible. Some items are balance and adjusted oh, some content is considered to be out of progression and won't be added as the server updates. Some features that we might think of as vital to Everquest 2 won't come until the expansions in which they originally released, so if you are waiting for something like Guild Halls, it will be a little while. However there are some Features, like the dungeon finder or the Loyalty system that won't be included.

The Darkpaw Games team also announced that there will be a new Undying Crate to assist your journey on Varsoon. These crates are new and will feature helpful items like a 66-slot backpack, an Overseer adventure, a new mount, and more. 

For more on Varsoon, the new crate, and the new art for the server, head over to EverQuest II.


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