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EverQuest II's Next Update, Toil and Trouble, Coming August 10th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In the summer producer's letter, EverQuest II's Jenn Chan announced that the next update to the venerable MMORPG, Toil and Trouble, would be coming next week on August 10th. Details themselves were scant, but Chan hinted that there would be "something for everyone" in the upcoming update.

The Producer's Letter briefly touched on Toil and Trouble, stating that more information would be coming at a later date, but Chan let players know that whatever playstyle, there would be something for them in the update itself.

"Let's start by announcing that our next game update is going to be called Toil and Trouble, and it will be available on August 10th, 2021! We plan to dive deeper into the content that's coming in a post scheduled for a later date so keep an eye out for that to land soon. In the meantime, know that no matter what your playstyle is: whether you like to tradeskill all day, run around and complete quests, or raid with your guildmates, there is something for everyone!"

Additionally, if you've been away from EverQuest II for a bit, Chan mentions that now might be a good time to come back. Running from August 10th through the 24th, players can log-in and receive what are being called "extra bonuses." These mean a level 120-character boost for those with All Access which can be claimed on any non-TLE character, and Reign of Shadows players will see extra loot sacthels filled with "heroic and public quest loot."

Also coming later this month on August 10th is double loot from the Destiny of Velious raid bosses and heroic end-zone bosses. August 2th will see the Fortress of Drunder dungeons unlock as well, bringing more content for EverQuest II players.

Chan closes out the letter telling players to look forward to  the former Days of Summer event with updated quests and items to earn. Additionally, the Darkpaw Head of Studio posted a tease of things to come, with a dinosaur image rounding out the letter.

You can check out the full producer's letter on the EverQuest II website.


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