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EverQuest II's Latest Update, Myths & Monoliths Brings Raids, Quest Content, and Many Dragons

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EverQuest II’s latest update, Myths & Monoliths, is live, bringing The Fabled Veeshan’s Peak raid (with dragons), and others, merchant updates, special new items, and of course, new quest content.

After a beta test period for final feedback and polish, the update is now out, and raiders should be happy. The Fabled Veeshan's peak has arrived and you'll be able to fight dragons. Lots of dragons. Six dragons have been announced for the raid: Druushk, Hoshkar, Xygoz, Silverwing, Phara Dar, and Trakanon. Now, if you’ve played EverQuest iI for a while, you’re no stranger to dragons, but these should provide a rewarding challenge via this new raid. 

Also in the update are The Fabled Kurn’s Tower: Breaching the Void and The Fabled Kurn’s Tower x2 raid. Breaching the Void is available in Solo, Heroic I, and Heroic II modes. If you’re up for this one, head into the tower and up via the Great Lift through the Atrium of Silence, and into the Pinnacle of Tolerance. Once there, prepare to challenge Yynzik the Scornridden, a Shattered Man ready to test you. After this, the Fabled Kurn’s Tower x2 raid awaits, with enemies like Sir Rouland and the linked twins of Ilenee, along with a new boss too. There are still some secrets to discover here.

All of these offer challenges and, of course, some new loot to discover and collect.

If adventuring is more your thing, then there are a series of new collections for all the new zones, new Vetrovia harvesting quests, a new level 60 Tradeskill quest series that will earn you some advanced books, and special items and gear. 

Some other updates in the patch include updates to the Loyalty and Overseer merchants and special items.

For more on the full Myths & Monoliths update, head over to EverQuest II.


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