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EverQuest II's Expansion Prelude, Secrets Of The Sands, Launches Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EverQuest II's prelude to its upcoming, unnamed expansion, launches today, bringing Secrets of the Sands to players. The new content brings a new zone, new adventure quests and much more in the ramp up to the next expansion for the long-running MMORPG.

The new Secrets of the Sands update will see players journey to the new zone, the Fracture Cache, to help Faezoth and Silrena to get the Aerakyn home.

"After slaying Dyn’leth and taking full control of his army, nefarious plots and plans were afoot at the behest of Lord Kerafyrm. Many years have passed since then, and the aerakyn have been on Norrath ever since. Some yearn to go back while some have resigned themselves to never seeing their homeland ever again. That is . . . until a message is received!Atathus needs the forces of Dyn’leth and all Norrathians to bind together, to get the aerakyn home and to help save The Nest!"

Secrets of the Sands also brings new Tradeskill Quests, a new collection quest, as well as new housing items you can grab from Baniti at Oasis of Marr in the Sinking Sands. Secrets of the Sands launched this morning, with Darkpaw stating that it will end once the new expansion has launched, though they don't really give a concrete timetable. So if you're eager to jump in and prep for the upcoming expansion, now is the time.


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