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EverQuest II Visions of Vetrovia Launching on December 1st

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EverQuest II's next expansion, Visions of Vetrovia, will launch on December 1st. The date was recently confirmed as the beta winds down before the new content arrives.

The adventures will take you to the seas and beyond into the new areas to find ruins and determine just what is happening with those mysterious voices and ruins. all in the life of an adventurer. The expansion will let you level up to 125, add new Tradeskill blueprints, and more. As for content, expect adventures, quests, Tradeskill, and more ways to take advantage of the higher level cap and the content.

Visions of Vetrovia adds new zones, each varying widely by their terrain, with dangerous elements and creatures. Want to face dinosaurs, witches, zombies, and more? Well, this expansion looks to have just the encounters for you. With EverQuest, keeping things interesting after 17 years running is going to take creativity, no?

On December 1st, the expansion will go live at noon PST/3pm Eastern. Preorders are still open, and you'll get rewards and beta access, depending on which preorder tier you choose. If you do preorder and your tier includes any tradable items, you'll get them several days after launch. It's a security measure intended to minimize fraud or scamming.

There have been a dozen expansions and additional content releases for EverQuest II, and there’s even a guide for getting back in if you’ve been away from Norrath for a while. This time, things look to be a little bit different, as you might guess from the splash art highlighting dinosaurs in the jungle and talk of zombies. If you're looking to set sail and keep busy solving a supernatural mystery in new lands and trying to avoid getting eaten, you can start in EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia on December 1st.


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