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EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia is Out, Bringing New Level Cap, Raids, Gear, and Dinosaurs

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Everquest II: Visions of Vetrovia is now officially out.  If you've been waiting to mix up your fantasy adventuring with dinosaurs and cannibals, you're in luck. The expansion adds several new zones made up of different but treacherous locations including the jungle, seaside, and more.

Speaking of the sea, Visions of Vetrovia will take you along the coast and exploration beyond the Shattered Seas for the first time to a new continent. This marks a change for Everquest II and, naturally the continent you find is full of dark curses and mystery. You'll find the ruins of an ancient civilization and an old castle, as well as villages filled with gossip and hushed whispers that will lead you to the new quests that the expansion delivers.

For those who have already reached the level cap, the new level cap with the expansion is 125.  getting there and getting geared up is possible through the quest with a new content, along with new heroic content, and new raids.  of course there's some brand new gear to go along with your boosted levels, with weapons and armor to match.

Expansions raids will be releasing on a schedule, with the first raid release on December 15th and the final raid tier release in February. This is intended to reduce strain and to make sure development and launch of each rate will be smooth.  the first two raids, Karuupa Jungle – The Fading Light and Monghavi Wastes – The Engulfing Night will both unlock on December 15th at 12:01 a.m. Pacific.

There's major changes to crafting with Tradeskill Blueprints,  which will let you craft things you've already mastered quickly. Trade skills, there's new trade skill contents, signature, and Adventure quests. There are also dozens of possible new items to decorate your house with..

When Darkpaw Games advises you to try to not get eaten as you adventure in mysterious Vetrovia and advertises the expansion with dinosaurs, you’ll get some attention.

For the full release notes for Visions of Vetrovia, see them over at EverQuest II.


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