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EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia Expansion Coming in December, Preorders Open

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Head to Vetrovia and try to make it through the dangers and creatures in the new mysterious lands in the coming EverQuest II expansion: Visions of Vetrovia, which is now confirmed to be out this December. The expansion is now available to preorder, and there's a lot more that has been revealed about just what you can expect.

With a journey that goes beyond the Shattered Seas, you'll be able to explore the new zones of Vetrovia, a land that comes with rumors, curses, and dark energies. What became of it here? Well, you're about to find out more, and get yourself loot and progression in the process.

The zones are going to vary by their terrain and include the Svarni Expanse by the shore, the Mahngavi Wastes, hit hard by the Shattering and Rending, and the Forlorn Gist, home to a village that is the remnants of an old great city and you'll find things generally closed to outsiders. The jungle just may be home to the biggest challenges. Much of Vetrovia is covered by jungle, which will make travel difficult and, of course, hazardous. What hides in those jungles? 

Well, there's certainly an array of creatures and other forces to expect in the entirety of Vetrovia. Darkpaw Games promises deinodons, zombies, witches, cannibal pygmies, and more to make this journey fun, or at least interesting. There are whispers about horrors and supernatural dangers, but what will you find?

When it comes to progression, the expansion will let you level to 125 in the new questing content, raids, and feats. There are five new Tradeskill levels to earn and new items to decorate your house with to remind you of your adventures.

Visions of Vetrovia is now available to preorder with three tiers, each with their own bonuses. Every preorder, however, gets a level 120 character boost, beta access and a choice of a Feathered Stalker pet. For more, see the EverQuest II site.


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