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EverQuest II Unlocks Two Renewal of Ro Raids, and Unveils 2023 Roadmap

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 Everquest II has unlocked two new raids from the Renewal of Ro expansion. These raids offer new challenges, rewards, and some new environments to check out. The Darkpaw Games team has also released a 2023 roadmap.

The first raid opened is Raj’Dur Plateaus: The Hunt. Nomads in the desert, who are camping out within the rock faces, are responsible for sending out hunters to travel within the canyons and the dunes in order to poach wildlife. Naturally, you'll have the opportunity to investigate what's going on amid vultures circling above and some carcasses left behind. There are six new raid bosses to challenge and to get to know what's going on and how you can stop it. 

The second new raid is called Sandstorm Delta: The Standing Storm. Also featuring six new raid bosses, you'll have the opportunity to challenge them. Within the Eye of Prexus, there is something strange going on, with unsettling magical occurrences and creatures appearing from the Lifire River. A Rath’Mana High Priest from completing his plans, which involve taking over the whole delta via enhancing the magic for himself. The official description warns to “Beware the Eye’s Gaze”, perhaps hinting at some mechanics you’ll be better off familiar with.

A third raid will unlock next month, and a fourth in March. Both are shown as part of the EverQuest II 2023 development roadmap. Also set for the year are returning events with new updates, including Erollisi Day in February and Brewday and the Chronoportal Phenomenon in March. March will also bring a couple of server merges. In April, game update 122 will launch, with new raids, a contested dungeon, and much more. There will also be a new PVP TLE server coming in April. And in May, there will be an overhaul to mercenary AI, making them react faster and making higher-tier mercs react faster and be better than common ones.

In June there will be several large updates, including updated events, July will begin the beta for game update 123, which arrives in August. August itself will bring an updated Summer Jubilee Festival. In October, the annual expansion will be revealed and a beta and pre-orders will open, with the expansion–EverQuest II’s 20th–launching in late November.

There's a whole lot more on the roadmap, including the game's 19th anniversary, ongoing updates to the Varsoon server, and more to come. you can read the full update over at EverQuest II.


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