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EverQuest II Team Reveals Details About 'Nagafen' Seasonal Free-for-All PvP Server

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As promised in last week's producer's letter, the EverQuest II team has laid out the first details about Nagafen, the seasonal free-for-all PvP server. The server will be opening for beta testing soon with the lofty goal to "relive as much of the glory days of EverQuest II PvP as possible, and bring back the rakish spirit of the Nagafen community".

Those who want to participate on Nagafen will need to have Membership. Being free-for-all, the server will allow factionless PvP during seasonal play. Each season will last approximately three months. The first month will feature vanilla EQ2, the second Deserts of Flame and the third Kingdom of Sky. After the three months, a break will be enabled before the start of the next season.

Players can earn:

  • unique titles
  • a special set of Nagafen appearance armor for completion of a series of objectives
  • the player with the most kills will earn a special title

Players will only be able to create one character on the server and "choices in this world will matter", whether it surrounds a player's victories or nefarious activities.

Items have been rebalanced and a custom ruleset will be in place "that will allow for tailored itemization on unique servers". This allows devs to tailor the "content to more closely resemble original PvE and PvP combat".

Marketplace items will be very limited. At the current time, devs are looking to allow bags, ground mounts and expendables, "but not much more".

Check out the EverQuest II site to learn more.

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