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EverQuest II Prelude Event Live, Leads Into Upcoming Expansion

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EverQuest II's  upcoming expansion is getting a prelude event, one that will have players taking part in new quests and adventures in the historic MMO.

The event gives players the chance to complete multiple level 110 adventure and tradeskill signature quests, as well as multiple repeatable quests. Additionally, there is 1 collection players can take part in that is part of the prelude event only.

From the official blog post on the EQ2 website:

A great project is underway at Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains! Come join the marvelous scholars of the Deepwater Circle as they work tirelessly to empower the Combine Spires, under the rigorous direction of The Duality. They're offering an extensive list of items in exchange for your assistance gathering arcane energy sources, collecting luclinite, defending newly erected propylons, and creating teleportation aspects. There's something everyone can do, no matter how experienced!

There isn't a timer listed on the site as to when this event will end, only that it will end with expansion launch. However you'll want to jump in soon as many of the repeatable quests are only available during this event. For those looking to start the event, max level players will receive something in their mail, requesting they head to The Duality Vigilant Sanctum. 

The post mentioned that these will lead into the expansion, yet no official expansion for EverQuest II has been really detailed other than an Producer's Letter blog post stating that we will see a 10-level increase as well as a familiar location. It still remains to be seen exactly what this expansion will be. However, with a prelude event live, players may not be waiting too much longer for all the details. 


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