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EverQuest II Patch Fixes Bugs, Tweaks Missions and Quests

New in-game event calendar too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent patch for EverQuest II brings about a bunch of fixes in addition to several tweaks and changes to existing quests.

Quest adjustments touched on the weekly raid mission, in addition to several public quests. For example, Reign of Shadows public quest bosses won’t be trainable over the moon. Other public quest tweaks include:

  • The PQ in Savage Weald, Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, and all three PQs in Echo Caverns, now drop higher tier rewards to match the other Reign of Shadows overland PQs.
  • Reign of Shadows PQs may now update the Luclin Landscaping overland weekly missions with enough participation.
  • Reign of Shadows PQs should no longer reward Restored Empyreal Quintessence (Blood of Luclin PQ currency).

The patch also touches on Echo Caverns, Shadeweaver’s Thicket, Zones, Population, and more. Items saw several fixes, mostly due to typos in the item’s name. Additionally, the in-game calendar was update for 2021. You can check out the full patch notes here.

And in case you missed it, check out our interview with Jenn Chan, the head of Darkpaw Games, as we asked about the return of the Vah Shir race.


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