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EverQuest II Opens Beta for Upcoming Time-Locked Expansion Server Varsoon

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EverQuest II is getting a new Time-Locked Expansion server later this month, and the developers at Darkpaw Games are opening up beta testing for the new server, Varsoon, for some testing and polish before it releases on May 24th.

Varsoon, which requires an All-Access membership, will see new content automatically unlock roughly every 16 weeks, with a couple of exceptions. This means that new expansions will become available at the 16-week mark with the exception of Desert of Flames, which will have a 12-week period before the next expansion will become available. Other content like Adventure Packs and related material that was originally released between expansion packs will be released 8 weeks after the related expansion is added. Once again, there will be an exception, with Desert of Flames getting Hunter’s Quests and associated items six weeks after release.

Some changes are always part of the creation of a new TLE in EverQuest II, so adjustments aren’t too much of a surprise. Items have been balanced and adjusted down to fit server progression and pacing., mount speeds are initially capped and will be able to increase with new expansions. Other content is considered “out of progression” and won’t be made available at all. Some will roll out later, in their original expansions, like guildhalls. Those will come with Rise of Kunark.

On Varsoon, all races will be available at launch, but both the Channeler and Beastlord classes will join the available classes later, when their original expansions unlock. When it comes to spell research, it will be in at launch, but capped at Master. There will be some omissions from Varsoon, however. No Reforging, no dungeon finder, no Loyalty System, no Familiars, and other changes.

For more on the Varsoon beta test, check the official announcement. It’s also worth checking the Varsoon FAQ to find out all you need to know about this new upcoming server experience.


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