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EverQuest II Oceansfull is Here to End the Summer Jubilee With New Dungeons, Rewards, and Items

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This year, EverQuest II took its summer events and linked them in the overall multi-event Summer Jubilee. The final event in the celebration is Oceansfull, and it’s here to end this part of the celebrations and offer a final opportunity at summer rewards.

Oceansfull is an annual event in celebration of the Ocean Lord Prexus, and this year, the event also marks your last chance to get your hands on the Golden F’Aestival Bracers or to upgrade them to full power. 

As with any good festival, there are new items and new rewards, as well as quests and challenges to take on during this final event. You’ll also be able to get your hands on items from prior years via quests, like the new Terrors Run Deep quest,  and the Clam Shell game. This year, Clam Shell has 33 items you can get, with nine new items and 10 returning for the first time since 2019. If there's a burning hole in your collection of Oceansfull items that you still haven't collected, now's your chance. 

There’s also a new dungeon to try your hand at before the event is over for level 120+. Awuidor: Trench of Terror is available in both Solo and Heroic, and you should expect to find some danger in the depths.

Complete the Terrors Run Deep quest six times to power up your Golden F’Aestival Bracers and earn the Awuidor's Aww'right achievement. If you’ve been powering up your bracers throughout the Summer Jubilee, they will reach their max. Yet the linked nature of the events this summer means that If you haven't yet gotten this new item before, you can still get one during this final event. 

The Oceansfull event will run through August 24th. 

For more info, see the event announcement over at EverQuest II.


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