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EverQuest II Moving to 64-bit servers in July, But Celebrating Bristlebane Day This Week

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EverQuest II is becoming the latest title to begin the process of switching over to 64-bit servers and clients and moving away from older systems. The change, tentatively due in July,  means support for 32-bit systems will end, but performance should be more stable and faster as the game continues to grow.

The original EverQuest has already made the move, so this is not really a surprise from EQII. Beta testing on the 64-bit servers begins tomorrow, March 29th. Anyone that wants to join in the beta has to have a 64-bit Windows system, of course, but they’re looking to get as much feedback as they can to make sure everything is smooth and stable. There is no listed end date for the beta yet, since when the 64-bit servers go live, that means the end of 32-bit support that day, so they’re giving everyone that might be affected a chance to prepare.

While they’ve set July as the goal for the 64-bit launch, Darkpaw Games hasn’t announced a firm date yet since the change is definitive but there’s some flexibility for the process. You can find out all about the system requirements and beta info here.

Meanwhile, EverQuest II is in celebration mode, with the arrival of Bristlebane Day. It’s the celebration of mischief and pranks, and this year’s event comes with new items and a new mount you can grab while the festivities are on. This Friday, April 1st, is The Highest of High Silly Days, and there will be extra quests and content in Enchanted Lands.

Of course, it you’re not a fan of the pranks and silliness, there’s all of the regular content available to you in Norrath. But for those who want to indulge, the event will run through April 6th at 11:59 AM PDT. 

For more on the Bristlebane Day event, see the announcement here at EverQuest II.


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