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EverQuest II Launches New Summer Jubilee, Folding In Summer Events for Cumulative Bonus Opportunities

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EverQuest II has its first Summer Jubilee going on now. The event began on Friday and will last all summer. This is both a new event and a wraparound that will fold in existing events like Scorched Sky, Tinkerfest, and Oceansfull Festival. 

When it comes to the previously held summer events on the calendar, these events will happen as part of the overarching event but will still have their own dates during which you can participate. Tinkerfest is up first, from June 2-June 15th, followed by Scorched Sky June 30-July 13th, and Oceansfull on August 11-24th. 

Complete an event dungeon during Tinkerfest, Innovation: Tinkerer’s Trial, six times to get your hands on the new Golden F'Aestival Bracers. As you go through the individual events with your new bracers, the stat bonuses get better for each of the events. There is a particular advantage to putting these events under the Summer Jubilee umbrella. If you miss one of these events, you can still get your hands on the Golden F'Aestival Bracers you might have otherwise missed unlocking completely.

That said, you’ll have an advantage if you do play through all three, since you can only unlock an event’s corresponding stat bonus during the event period. So you can get the item unlocked later, and miss out on the stat bonus, or power yourself up even more by grabbing the items during the official event times and getting all three bonuses.

So what else makes this year different? On the Live servers, there will be Jubilee parades in player cities near the event merchant. Jubilation merchants will also be found there to exchange rewards for the Copper Jubilation Medals currency you’ll be earning as part of all included events. Expect to be able to grab armor, recipes, house items, instruments, and more items.  On special rules servers (including Varsoon), you’ll be able to earn medals beginning during Tinkerfest and continue earning them when the events happen on the above dates.

For more, see the Summer Jubilee announcement and info at EverQuest II.


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