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Everquest II Latest Expansion Previewed, Takes Players To The Moon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next Everquest II expansion, called Blood of Luclin, is set to take players to the moon.

The expansion is scheduled to release on December 17 and will be the 16th expansion for Everquest II. It marks a return to Luclin which is the moon above Norrath. Cognizant of the nostalgia of the location, Lead Content Designer Nathan McCall explained,

“This was a player city, it was a huge place. Players would come to see each other, show their wares, and show what they’ve earned. It’s a highly memorable location and we’re doing a little nod to that with that presentation scene.”

The level cap is set to increase from 110 to 120. A new Overseer feature, new missions, signature quests, raids, achievements, and more are featured.

The expansion is set to include six new zones including The Blinding, Sanctus Seru, Aurelian Coast, Fordel Midst, Wracklands, the Ssraeshza Ruins and Vault. If you want to begin the expansion content, you’ll have to first complete quests in Jarsoth Wastes within Chelsith.

Four different versions of the expansion will be available

  • Standard Edition ($34.99)
  • Collector’s Edition ($89.99)
  • Premium Edition ($139.99)
  • Family and Friends Edition ($249.99)

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