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EverQuest II Invites You to Celebrate With the Chronoportal Phenomenon

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It’s time to celebrate once again in EverQuest II, with the returning anniversary event that reopens Chronoportals so you can get a taste of some of the best and loved encounters in Norrath.

This year’s celebration features several new options including a new quest, Beyond the Shimmering Portal, a new dungeon that comes in both heroic and solo versions, Miragul’s Madness, and new items. The live servers have the complete event running now For the special rules servers, the content varies. For Kaladim and Kael Drakkel, the entire event will be active except for Beyond the Shimmering Portal and Miragul’s Madness, plus the Fabled zones, all due to their level requirements.

There are plenty of returning elements for the event, including the in-game mail that announces how you access the Chronoweave. The Elements of Time Collection returns, along with the Time Traveler achievement, a series of Overseer quests, and the returning  Public Quest Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ros, which features some new rewards. There’s also level 120+ loot to match the level cap raise. The Hunt the Past quest also returns. 

There’s, in other words, plenty of opportunity to go back and take on various challenges in the name of gathering loot and relics you can trade for both new and returning rewards. As for what you can walk away with, the Chronoportal merchants are going to be your friends if you bring them sufficient prizes. The merchant Erben Delki in the Chronoweave will be featuring new items like Dwarven Might, Lost Gardens of Vetrovia, and the Dar Ghoul Wizard Plushie. Other Chronoportal merchants feature returning items as well.

Spend time in Norrath in the past, and present with the Chronoportal Phenomenon event, running through March 16th at 11 PM Pacific time. See the event announcement at EverQuest II.


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