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EverQuest II Game Update 123, Shattered Overture is Live, Along With Expansion Prelude, Fractured Skies

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EverQuest II  has just launched Game Update 123, Shattered Overture, adding new missions, new collections, achievements, dungeons and Fractured Skies, the prelude to the next expansion coming later this year.

Fractured Skies is for all levels, and will be available up through the annual expansion launch. Shattered Overture is level 125 content and you will need the Renewal of Ro expansion to play it. If you are all set, you'll be able to take on the new features, including the seven new story missions (five Shattered Unrest daily solo missions and two weekly solo missions).

 Time in Norrath is never boring, and this time, there’s going to be a new challenge to face. The mysterious new story update begins with this premise - Doctor Arcana has somehow stepped through a mysterious portal without his precious artifacts.

“This is where you, the hero of the story, comes in! Venture forth into the unknown and help Doctor Arcana get his precious artifacts away from the hordes guarding them. You will need to hop from island to island to find them, but this is no easy feat as there are scores of monsters laying claim to his belongings. These monsters give new meaning to the term heavy metal! Can the music soothe the savage beast and see you home safely, or will the mosh pit of destruction end you once and for all?.”

Of course, you will start to figure out just what’s causing this portal and what has him so afraid. Once you figure that out, then it's time to do what you can to help.

The update adds two new solo dungeons - Shattered Unrest and Origins of the Felfeather. Both of these dungeons are also available as Heroic instances, with Shattered Unrest in Heroic I, II, and III) and Origins of the Felfeather in Heroic.

GU 123  also introduces enhancements for Miracula Weapons, along with 15 new collections and new achievements.  

For full details and to get started, head to EverQuest II.


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