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EverQuest II Brewday Festival Returns With New Items, New Recipes, and of Course, Beer

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EverQuest II is bringing back the Brewday Festival. The event will take place through March 23 at 11 PM Pacific time. There are new additions to the festival this year, including new Tradeskill recipes and new items to get your hands on.

The Overseer questline returns for this year and you will be able to participate by finding rowdy revelers in the cities of Norrath. There will be plenty of celebration and plenty of beer, since that is the spirit of this annual event. 

Beer is a big part of the festival, and many of the quests will require you to drink, and doing so makes some questions harder by blurring the screen as your character gets drunker. It might be frustrating at first if you haven’t participated before, but the more you do this, your character's alcohol tolerance will go up. There are also ways to get rid of the drunk effect quickly like letting yourself be killed in battle. Or lose a duel.  This will restore your character to sobriety. Of course, you can also purchase the item Wake-up Juice for Beer tokens 

Beer tokens are the event currency that you’ll earn with all of your  festival questing and achievements. You will be able to trade them for items from the special event merchant, Balin Copperfoot. 

Some of the gear that you can obtain through Brewsday include a Wild Boar, which is a non-combat pet that will follow you around, special tradeskill recipes, a series of plushies, like the inebriated Brews Day Celebrator seated Lad or seated Lady.

There are also house pets you can obtain, including the Arctic Badger and the Coastal Basilisk, or even A Strange Cabbage. All of these are in addition to decorative items for your home in keeping with the theme, some of these include a Boar's Head wall trophy, a Boozy Glow Skimmer, a Barrelroom door for your house or a Briarwood keg door.

See the Brewsday announcement at EverQuest II.


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