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EverQuest Getting Two New TLP Servers, Anniversary Part 2, and More in 2022

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 After releasing an update on the 2022 roadmap for EverQuest II, Darkpaw’s Jenn Chan has released a similar update today for the original, EverQuest

The original EverQuest has been around for a long time, particularly they are celebrating 23 years, and this roadmap is progressing well. In January, a monthly update launched and the Community Resource Council application was relaunched to get community members to share their input towards making a better game. Today’s letter assured applicants that the team is still picking representatives after “overwhelming interest”. February brought  another monthly update and the return, as promised, of Erollisi Day, letting players share some love (or grievance) letters between residents.

February also saw the release of the 64-bit servers and clients, both of which made it to the Live servers in a modernization effort designed to also improve performance. This brings EverQuest into the company of a number of games that have shed support for older machines and moved to improve performance for most of the playerbase. 

This month brings Anniversary part 2, with two mew missions debuting on April 20th. If you’re feeling nostalgic, there will be a return of events from the 5th-13th anniversary events beginning on April 12, 2022 and running through the end of May 10th. April will also bring on new Classic achievements, which will be added for many of the original quests in starting cities.The Mercenary Rank Simplification is set for May, where the team will reduce mercenaries down to just the two most-used ranks and remove quest requirements to get them. June will bring a server merge, where Phinigel and Miragul will merge into Vox. 

Probably the biggest part of this new letter is the details on the new Time-Locked Progression Servers. The first will be Vaniki, and it will be level-locked. Yelinak will be similar to the rules for Mangler. Both of these will open on May 25th.

For Vaniki, it will open with up to level 40 at first, then have a tiered unlock schedule. To get to 120+ will take about 94 weeks, or nearly 22 months. Yelinak will take 44 weeks to unlock from its start with the original EverQuestall the way to Gates of Discord, with everything else unlocking in 12-week increments.

Read the full letter over at EverQuest.


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