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EverQuest Executive Producer Leaves Darkpaw Games

Holly Longdale Steps Down From EP Role

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In a post on the EverQuest website today, the franchise's executive producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale has stepped down from her role with the franchise. Technical Director Jennifer Chan will be stepping into the role, having worked alongside Longdale for the past five years, according to the post.

Via the announcement from Darkpaw Games, the studio states the decision to step down was mutual, and Jennifer will step into the role taking the helm of the EverQuest teams.

"My passion and love for EverQuest and EverQuest II is unending. Even though I am leaving Darkpaw Games as a producer for now, I will remain part of the community as a player.," Longdale said in her statement on the EverQuest website. 

"For now, our intrepid Franchise Technical Director and EQ veteran Jennifer Chan will take hold of the reigns with gusto and head up the studio. She has been my leadership partner for over 5 years and excels at keeping us on track, improving our technology, and making sure everything gets done as smoothly as possible."

Longdale has served as a producer on the EverQuest franchise in some fassion since 2011, having taken over as the Executive Producer of the franchise in 2015. While she will be stepping down from her role leading the franchise in the next decade, "Windstalker" will still be active in the community.

You can check out the full letter at the EverQuest website.


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