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EverQuest Celebrates 24th Anniversary With New Events, and Gifts for All

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EverQuest is celebrating its 24th anniversary. This milestone for the notable classic MMORPG comes complete with an anniversary event, with gifts for all and some new content.

The Darkpaw Games team made their anniversary announcement, saying that:

“Twenty-four years. Let that sink in. That’s an incredible number of quests completed, achievements earned, baddies destroyed, zones traveled, items and commodities crafted, and everything else under the Norrathian sun. Even Lendiniara the Keeper, featured in this year’s Anniversary key-art, smiles indulgently at your progress and success.”

The anniversary has a special page dedicated to all of the fun for this year, with the gifts and new content to enjoy. They make sure to emphasize just how important the community has always been, especially in sustaining a legacy MMORPG like EverQuest. “Every single one of you inspires us to keep developing new content, items, and just good old fashioned gaming fun.”

The first goodies on offer include a 50% bonus to experience gains through April 1st and a special Dashing Feathered Cap for all characters, claimable through April 20th. There are some additional bonuses and fun to be had for subscribing members, as those who are at the All-Access level can also take home a Celebratory Opal Stein Ornament, which is a weapon ornament, a Goblet of Adventure III, and a new title.

As for new anniversary content, there’s a mission, Reetuk the Inexorable, which sees you help Graya, the historian interested in the history  of the Spine ogres. Help her learn more and she’ll guide you through Blightfire Moors and to encounter Reetuk the Inexorable.  This repeatable mission could earn you some new rewards.

There are also three new event quests and several returning events. Also returning are past Heritage Crates, which can be acquired on the marketplace.

Find out more details over at the EverQuest 24th anniversary event page.


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