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EverQuest 2's Reign of Shadows Expansion Now 25% Off

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can grab EverQuest 2’s Reign of Shadows expansion for 25% off. Here’s how.

The sale is ongoing through October 18 so you have some time to take advantage of the offer. This sale will also be the final chance to grab the Vah Shar Appearance Pack before it’s placed in Bristlebane’s Vault.

Reign of Shadows allows you to play as a Vah Shir and includes 20 Reign of Shadow prestige advancement points in addition to 10 Reign of Shadows prestige abilities. The max guild level has seen a bump up to 350. Also introduced is a content-driven guild leveling mechanic.

Reign of Shadows brings new Adventure, Tradeskill and Signature quests to EverQuest 2 as you work to uncover what exactly is going on. Finally, there’s new solo, heroic, challenge heroic, and raid content available.

You can learn more details on this discount here. Reign of Shadows released onto EverQuest 2 back in December of last year. If you missed our coverage, you catch up here. More recently, Toil and Trouble was the latest expansion to hit EverQuest 2 when it released back in August.

Earlier this year, EverQuest 2 received a new PvP TLE server. You can read about that addition here. Did you play Reign of Shadows when it released? Did you perhaps miss it and considering picking it up during this sale? Sound off below.


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