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EverQuest 2 Patch Brings Changes to Vex Thal, TLE

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new patch for EverQuest 2 has released alongside the server maintenance which took place on Tuesday morning. The patch notes indicate some changes to Vax Thal in addition to TLE. Here’s what you can expect in the latest update.

The patch overall touches on TLE, abilities, zones, populations, and items. The zones and population section specifically discusses Dedalyk’s Lair and Vex Thal’s Den of Shadows. Den of Shadows saw some updates for Heroic II including:

  • Vasszhin Zeom allows a bit of extra time after the 4th Blood of Luclin appears before attempting to destroy his enemies, but his darkmelders spawn in pairs.
  • Loot has been adjusted for Shade of Ssraeshza

Meanwhile, the All Versions Den of Shadows received an update to the population to those areas where you would get attacked after using a shadow portal. Dedalyk’s Lair saw an update where Dedalyk’s Bounty isn’t a requirement for zoning into the lair. There will be a lockout timer initiated once you have placed the bounty on the spawning device.

TLE saw the following updates:

  • Kaladim – Underfoot Depths, Icy Keep: Retribution, Zraxth's Unseen Arcanum are now available for play! Many items in this content have been reviewed and changed where appropriate.
  • Updated Underfoot Depths raid bosses to be in line with current timelocked progression.

Items saw some updates for Sentinel’s of Fate mid-content, and a correction for an issue where Season 2 consumables wouldn’t be purchasable. If you’re looking for more EverQuest 2 content, be sure to check out our column on grinding in Norrath from level 95 to 120. Jonathan dove back into EverQuest 2 recently and chronicled his time back on the ladder.


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