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Evercore Heroes Ends Closed Beta, Enters Open-Access Maintenance Mode, as Devs Will Rework the Game

A new game, currently codenamed Project-R, will aim at a better reception.

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Evercore Heroes has been put into an open access maintenance mode as developer Vela Games has decided to retool the game after “the Closed Beta has not met our expectations as players or as a business”.

Vela Games announced this month that Evercore Heroes' closed beta just wasn’t going well, and then made some difficult decisions. The game has been in development for several years so when it entered closed beta this June, it seemed like things were on their way to a final phase. We shared our thoughts on the closed beta back in July, and Nick found that “sections of the core gameplay loop are still unclear and anticlimactic”. This is, unfortunately, in line with Vela’s announcement.

The maintenance mode includes open access, eight heroes, 50% discounts in the shop, and the free Battle Pass for all. Founder’s Packs are no longer sold, but those who bought one can continue with the Founder’s Battle Pass. 

“Many players expressed their frustration learning how to master the game. Strategic choice is an important part of a match, but we know for many players learning to master those choices and the corresponding rewards didn’t always land,” their announcement read, in part. Also mentioned the difficulty of getting a brand new game from a brand new studio known in such a difficult market. Clearly, the closed beta wasn't meeting  their financial goals in addition to feedback showing that the gameplay wasn't necessarily where it should be, hence the abrupt change of direction.

This means that Vela Games has laid off a number of employees as they figure out what the next phase looks like. “We are already working on a change of direction to Evercore Heroes, with the goal of doubling down on co-operative teamplay and competitive PVE,” with a number of refinements. They're looking to have more direct visibility so that teams will be competing for the same objectives, clearer gameplay strategies, and to expand upon their hero roster’s stories and character. “Part of the fun of PVE is the danger of losing to the game, and we want to bring that challenge back into the ECH experience,” they’ve added.  

The retooled game is now codenamed Project-R, and existing closed beta players will be offered play testing slots when they are ready.


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