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Evercore Heroes Combines MOBA Action and MMO Dungeon Runs in a Compettiive PvE Experience

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Evercore Heroes is a new competitive PvE game that developer Vela Games says combines “the real-time, skill-based teamplay and action of MOBAs with the adventure of MMO dungeon runs”. 

The idea is that your team can prove that they are the best team of heroes. It all takes place in a sci-fi world known as Lumerea. Four teams of four will compete with each other in a round in a session-based, dungeon-like PVE experience. In order to claim victory, you'll have to work with your team, power up your heroes, charge their Evercore, and take on a boss. Do all that and come out on top and prove you’re the best. 

There will be a number of heroes to choose from, each with their own powers and traits, and there will be different environments to play in, each with their own challenges.  The studio has also released details on the first eight heroes. 

These include Blink, who “loves punching so much she made it her career” and is an expert on crowd control. Zari, the creator of Solar-Bow Archery and a skilled ranged hero who can target single enemies and groups. Remy, who specializes in “the bleeding edge of Bios’ medical magitech”. He’s fast and ready to run in and save his teammates by lending support. There are others like Beko, who specializes in heal over time abilities and is secretly an ancient spirit of rejuvenation. The others include a mix of support and attackers from varied backgrounds.

Vela Games is a new studio founded in Dublin by veterans of companies like Riot Games, Blizzard, Epic Games, and EA. Co-founder Travis George, in a release announcing the game, says, “With EVERCORE Heroes, we are building a unique multiplayer experience that brings together skill based co-op and competitive play in a fresh new way. And after over two years of great feedback from early testing, we’re ecstatic to finally share the game with the world”.

This coming weekend, from October 13th through the 16th,  There will be a playtest that you can sign up on the website to apply for. this will let a group of players test out the game and give feedback, but also get a taste for what Evercore Heroes is all about. 

Find out more about the game over at Evercore Heroes.


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