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EVE: Uprising Officially Announced, Expansion To CCP Games' MMO Coming In November

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE: Uprising is the content expansion that CCP Games has been teasing since Fanfest earlier this year, and it's got a release window now: November 2022. The expansion brings with it the beginning of the factional warfare updates, ship heraldry, and much more.

The teaser trailer released this morning, well, teases some of what players can expect in Uprising. Immersive hangars, which were shown off in an early stage at Fanfest 2022,  are coming with the expansion, as well as new ships, corporation and alliance heraldry and more. 

However, the real meat of the expansion is the upcoming Frontlines changes to Factional Warfare, which CCP Games has been drip-feeding information about all summer in anticipation of the release. The last few weeks have seen an uptick in the narrative arc at the center of EVE Online, fueling the changes to factional warfare and setting the stage for content releases to come as well, reminiscent of the storylines that fueled New Eden during the Triglavian Invasion a few years ago now.

Players will have by now found the abandoned EDENCOM structure in EVE Online, as well as mysterious construction sites cropping up all over known space. The Empires of EVE, the NPC empires rather, seem poised to begin a war, the fragile peace of New Eden set upon the edge of a knife.

The narrative arc is more than window dressing as well, as CCP's blog post reiterates what was said on stage during Fanfest in May: player choices and decisions will influence how things shake out.

"Keep your eyes open as the narrative arc progresses, and be sure to take part as the story unfolds. Your involvement will help shape New Eden by revealing fresh features to help in future battles, including brand-new ships in-game, some of which will be unveiled much sooner than others. The introduction of these new ships will increase the diversity of tools available to a wide array of capsuleers, from those just starting their journey to more established veterans, while bringing some serious visual intimidation to the battlefield!"

With EVE: Uprising, the long-awaited changes to factional warfare will start to trickle out, with the rework of complexes as well as changes to how factional warfare operates with the Frontlines feature. 

"This part of the expansion aims to evolve Factional Warfare into a more intense and exciting combat playstyle for FW enthusiasts. There will be more incentives to support and fight for your favorite Empire, a wider array of opportunities to contribute to the war effort across the warzone, and new events will be introduced creating more possibilities for empires to issue campaign objectives to those who enlist."

CCP Games is rolling out the factional warfare updates in phases rather than all at once to give them more data on how players react to the changes, and iterate where they need to. Further updates to factional warfare are slated for Q1 2023.

New ships are also coming with EVE: Uprising, as well as the long-desired Heraldry system, allowing corporations and alliance members to emblazon their ships with the heraldry of their logos. Upwell hangars are also getting a visual upgrade, with more immersive hangars and updated undocking animations.

You can check out the full blog post on the EVE Online website. EVE: Uprising is slated for November 2022.


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